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Grillo Services Soil Products

Topsoil per cubic yard Full $35.00 / Half $20 

Our topsoil is an exclusive blend of native farm loam and our own high quality 100 % leaf compost. This blended product has been developed to combine the fertility enhancing benefits of compost, with the workability of loam.¬†Grillo topsoil is dark and rich in color, and has been screened to a 3/4″ particle size or less. It is perfect for new lawn installations, turf top dressing, flower and vegetable gardens, tree and shrub planting and more. More information can be found by clicking the tab above, or by reading some of our blog posts. A great post to read before purchasing soil is, “Buying Organic Topsoil In Ct.” This post explains the benefits of our organic soil, and also has a video of our topsoil screening process. Remember to check out our Grillo grass seeds, unlike big box stores they are freshly bagged and only the highest quality seeds are used.

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Compost per Cubic Yard Full $35.00 / Half $20

Compost is widely recognized as an extremely valuable and versatile soil additive. Our compost is derived from 100% decomposed leaves and is 100% natural. It contains no sewage sludge, or any other municipal waste, and is safe for use to use for growing consumables. It is also screened to 3/4″ particle size or less. Customers of ours have great success growing monstrous vegetables in our compost, even championship pumpkins.

At Grillo Services we produce and deliver bulk organic compost by the truck load. Those of you that only need a small amount of compost can look to The Little Compost Company; they produce and bag 100% organic compost in quantities from one to fifty pounds. Shipping is done all over the country. Be sure to check them out if you want quality compost, and need just a little bit.

Garden Mix per cubic yard Full $36.00 / Half $20

Garden Mix is a special blend we make for plantings. This blend is comprised of screened topsoil, and screened organic leaf compost blended to a 50/50 mix. Our customers and employees have had excellent results using this in their gardens. With a neutral pH and high organic content Garden Mix is the key to healthier plants. Ask us about adding Protene 6-5-6 Organic Fertilizer and Peat Moss to your mix for even better results!

Eco-soil $20.00 per Cubic Yard

Eco-soil is a by-product of our topsoil screening process. It is similar to our topsoil with the only difference being it comes off a different belt of the screener, resulting in it having more small sticks (2 inch or less) and more small stones (3/4 inch or less). Eco-soil is good for planting beds, it is not recommended for grass planting due to the small stick and stone debris.

Clean Fill $14.00 per Cubic Yard $10.00 for Half

Clean Fill is standard sub-soil. Commonly accumulated from foundation digging on new home sites, Clean Fill will have rocks mixed in, and is not screened. We recommend clean fill for bringing up large grades, generally if you have an area deeper than one foot clean fill is a good option. Keep in mind you cannot grow with Clean Fill due to the lack of organics. Also, without heavy machinery moving Clean Fill by hand can be difficult due to the rocks it contains, sometimes basketball sized or larger.

Screened Fill $18.00 per Cubic Yard $10.00 for Half

Screened Fill is also standard sub-soil. This product is made by taking our Clean Fill (described above) and processing it through our screening equipment. The resulting material is fine dirt containing small stones no larger than 5/8″. Screened Fill is suitable for bringing up grades and filling in areas. It is easy to move with a shovel and wheel barrow since it does not contain large stones. Remember, if you will be growing grass in the area Screened Topsoil will need to be used over the surface layer (3″ recommended) to provide nutrients for the lawn to grow.

Clean Fill Full $14.00 / Half $10, Screened Fill Full $17.00 / Half $10 per Cubic Yard