Important Notes Concerning Dumpster Rental & Fees

• Please Never place items above the FILL line that’s clearly marked in each side of our dumpsters.

(Materials above the fill line will fall out while loading, and also can cause a hazard for other motor vehicles on the roadway).If a dumpster is overloaded, the customer is responsible for ensuring the load is secured for transportation, or removing the excess material. Our drivers will not remove the excess material for you. A $75.00 fee will be charged if the dumpster is overloaded.

• We will do our best to get you your dumpster at your specified delivery time, but we cannot guarantee an exact time. If you call back on the day of delivery, we can narrow it down based on our schedule and driver feedback. (How traffic is, if there are any delays, etc).

• There will be an additional charge if a driver has to come back and move the dumpster due to poor or vague directions.

• Please ensure the area where the dumpster will be placed is not obstructed in any way. If, due to common miscommunication, or no fault of Grillo Services, a dumpster cannot be delivered or removed, the customer will be assessed a hauling fee for our time. (minimum fee is $75.00). This fee is dependent on the distance of the location from our main office. If no one is present at time of delivery or removal, Grillo Services will make the best decision if and when needed.

• We cannot control the water weight, we recommend that you cover the dumpster if you are concerned if there is rain predicted for the area. We are actually recommending that all open top dumpsters on site to add an extra day or two to allow it to drain down!

• If dumpster is needed longer than the rental terms PLEASE CALL US IN ADVANCE to notify us of the change. If our driver comes to pick up the dumpster and a request hasn’t been called in, there will be $75.00 fee charged for coming out. This fee is dependent on the distance of the location from our main office.

Items – that can be placed in – but will incur additional charges:

These additional fees will be charged to your credit card upon pickup should these items be placed in the dumpster:

  • Over tonnage fee: $150/per ton
  • After 14 business days rental fee is $15.00/per day
  • Car Tires – $20.00/each disposal
  • Truck Tires – $35.00/each disposal
  • Propane Tanks – $15.00/each disposal
  • Freon Units (A/C, refrigerators, freezers, etc) – $75.00/each disposal
  • Televisions/Computer Monitors – $30.00/each disposal
  • Mattresses/Box springs – $40.00/each disposal

• Paint Cans – no additional charges – need to be DOUBLE BAGGED & PLACED ON TOP OF DUMPSTER!

• Items that CANNOT be placed into the dumpsters:

Hazardous Waste materials: Pesticides – Oils – Fuels, etc Things of that nature!

Grillo will put wood blocks under the dumpster corner wheels for no extra charge, this is a service that many companies charge extra for.
Pricing of all dumpsters are subject to a distance surcharge typically $ 50.00 dollars past a 15 – 25 mile radius from Grillo and $ 100.00 past a 35 – 45  mile radius.

Absolute Waiver of Liability

It is understood that Grillo Services is a logistics specialist providing transportation services from your site to the transfer station of our choice. The illegal dumping of any and all toxic materials and/or pollutants will be at the liability of the homeowner and/or contractor of record. In the event any illegal activity is called to our attention Grillo Services will forward the address in which the materials in question were originated from to the questioning authorities.

• Rental Extension Fee – a fee of $15.00 a day will be charged automatically each day after day 14 of the rental. If needed, you may call 203-877-5070, to discuss extending your rental terms.

• Overweight Fees – Overweight charges are billed @ $150.00 a ton to your card upon removal, once we receive the weight ticket from the transfer station. If the dumpster had one of the items listed above as an additional charge, these charges will also be charged to your card upon removal. You can request a copy of the invoice to mailed or emailed once the job has been completed, detailing all charges concerning your dumpster rental.

· Please note: Grillo Services will not be held responsible for indentations, cracks or depressions that may occur in asphalt/concrete paving and turf areas caused during loading, unloading or standing of dumpsters.

· You may choose to have your dumpster blocked for an additional charge of $20.00. Please call into the office before your delivery to confirm this service and fee, however Grillo Services is still held harmless for any driveway damage.