Call 203-877-5070 about orders that are 40 cubic yards and above, custom prices are given for bulk orders. If you are planning to hire someone for your project we can help, simply explain your project and we will recommend the right pros.

Brown, Red, & Black Colored Mulch $34.00/cu yd

Our colored mulches are some of the nicest mulches available. We use only premium colorant which is why our mulch looks better, and lasts longer than much of the competition. Colored Mulch is one of the most widely used mulches in the industry, especially the Brown Mulch, which is the most popular color sold. Also we produce this mulch ourselves at our Milford, CT location. This is why it is one of our most cost effective mulch products available. This mulch is dyed and the dye used is water based as well as completely safe. If you have pets or children that you are worried about you can look at the safety info on the Amerimulch website- More information about our colored mulches can be found in one of our blog posts, “Brown, Black, & Red Mulch In CT.”


Dark Walnut Mulch $34.00/cu yd

For those of you who want a rich looking, dark mulch, look no further. Our Dark Walnut Mulch is a few shades darker than the regular Colored Brown we produce, and has been a huge hit since it’s launch last spring. If you like dark mulch this is the product we recommend.


Triple Ground Eco Mulch $28.00/cu yd

This mulch consists of an aged woodchip, triple ground to a fine consistency. It is easy to spread, and a rich brown color. This mulch has a similar appearance to more expensive bark mulches, at a much lower cost.

Playground Mulch $46.00/cu yd

Playground Mulch has a very light natural wood color. It is a pure clean ground wood with absolutely no bark or other debris. This mulch meets all state and federal specs for school playground safety mulch. Also referred to as “playground fiber.” This mulch is manufactured by CT Mulch Products and Certification paperwork is available upon request. Our Playground Mulch is used by many CT municipalities on for their playgrounds. This mulch is the only mulch that should be used for a play area. The specially ground mulch is made to be spread at 6″ of depth. This provides an adequate cushion if a child is to fall. Have you heard of Rubber Mulch? One of our recent blog posts explains the dangers or Rubber Mulch, “Playground Mulch, The Safe Alternative To Rubber Mulch.”


Eco Mulch $24.00/cu yd

This mulch is derived from hardwood and softwood. It is 100% natural mulch and is a cost effective alternative to other mulches. Eco Mulch is often used for large areas or property lines where a premium quality mulch is not needed. Many people use it for gardens because as it decomposes it provides quality nutrients to the garden soil.

Sweet Peet

Sweet Peet $56.00/cu yd

Benefits of Sweet Peet® Mulch:

Sweet Peet® is the premium mulch for flower and vegetable gardens. Sweet Peet® buffers both acid and alkaline (low and High pH) soils by helping to maintain the desired gardening Sweet Spot. During its formulation, Sweet Peet® goes through a thermal stage where weeds and weed seeds are destroyed, preventing contamination in your garden.

When tilled in at the end of each season, Sweet Peet® enriches the soil, improves tilth, encourages beneficial earthworms and replenishes microbes that are often destroyed by harsh chemicals and acid rain.

Like most mulches, Sweet Peet® suppresses weeds by smothering the soil. But Sweet Peet does more it is produced to optimize the naturally occurring cat-ion exchange which creates an undesirable growing medium for weeds.

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