Mason Sand $50.00/cu yd

Mason sand is a fine sand used to mix with cement. Other uses are for children’s sandboxes as it is soft and contains no rock. Silt content is higher than that of Concrete Sand.

Uses: Beneath paving-stones, Playground sand boxes, Cement mixing, Horse shoe pits

Concrete Sand $50.00/cu yd

Concrete sand is a coarse granular sand. It drains well and has a very low silt content.

Uses: Beneath paving-stones, Cement mixing

Pool Sand $50.00/cu yd

Pool sand is a “dead sand” which is used as underlayment for above ground pool liners. This sand is high in silt and creates a smooth, rock free surface to lay your liner.

Uses: Beneath pool liners, Beneath pond liners

3/4″ Trap Rock $50.00/cu yd

This is an angular grey gravel commonly found on driveways. Our 3/4 stone is DOT approved and is required in many project specs.

Uses: Under sheds, Driveways, Drainage Ditches, Backfilling walls

3/4″ Process (Road Mix) $50.00/cu yd

Process is used under asphalt driveways, walkways and patios. Process is a mix of 3/4 stone and stone dust. This material is known for it’s compaction, and provides and extremely firm base. If you are using this under a patio or walkway make sure you compact it with a hand tamper or gas powered plate compactor. This ensures that there will be no settling and your paver area will look nice for years to come.

Uses:Driveways, Paver or driveway base, Beneath wall stones, Remember to compact this product

Stonedust $50.00/cu yd

Stonedust is primarily used as a leveling agent on top of compacted process. A thin layer is applied and leveled and pavers are laid directly on top of the stonedust. Recently stonedust has found another use as a soil additive. The minerals in stonedust aid in the growing of many garden vegetables including carrots. Here is a  site explaining this use-

Uses: Beneath paving-stones, Soil amendment

Ball Field Clay $65.00/cu yd

Ball Field Clay is primarily used for baseball infields. Other uses have been racetracks, pond underlayment, and pathways.

Uses: Baseball infields, Race tracks