Custom Soil

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CU Soil

$90 per yard

‘Structural soil’ is an engineered planting medium which can meet or exceed pavement design and installation requirements while remaining root penetrable and supportive of tree growth.

Bio Retention

$95 per ton

Soils are engineered and appropriate plants selected for the rain garden. The garden is a small bioretention cell in which stormwater is cleaned and reduced in volume once it enters the rain garden.

Rain Garden

$45 per yard

Rain gardens are designed to be drained within four hours after a 1” rain event. This is achieved through the use of highly porous planting media and underdrains which carry the cleaned rainwater away from the garden.

Lightweight Roof Planting

$90 per yard

Certified growth media allows specifiers to design projects with success in any region, and for installers to purchase growth media with confidence wherever the project.

Ballfield Clay

$65 per yard

The unique aspect of our product is that we can customize a mix to meet the maintenance level and needs of each facility.

Reinforced soil

$50 per yard

All weather, natural turf surface that can be used in a variety of applications from pedestrian walkways and athletic fields to emergency access fire access lanes and “turf paving.”