Delivery Service is available for our products Monday – Saturday
Delivery of our products is available Monday – Friday, 7am – 4pm, Saturday 7am – 3pm.
We deliver to all of CT, and into Westchester, NY. Please call if your town is not listed.

We operate a timely and reliable delivery service with convenient 2 hour windows. During our peak season, April – June, Saturdays are very busy. If you must have a Saturday delivery call us early in the week. Generally you should schedule 2-3 days in advance anyway so materials are there when you need them.

Remember to contact us regarding large bulk deliveries (20 yards and above). We usually give custom quotes on these orders. If you are planning to hire someone for your project we can help, simply explain your project and we will recommend the right pros. Office # 203-877-5070 Email


Rate 1

Rate 2

Ansonia $88 $165
Beacon Falls $110 $215
Bethany $110 $215
Bethel $154 $225
Branford $104.50 $205
Bridgeport $93.5 $175
Cheshire $137.5 $245
Danbury $181.50 $250
Darien $137.50 $250
Derby $93.5 $165
Easton $115.50 $195
Fairfield $99 $195
Greenwich $159.50 $255
Guilford $126.50 $225
Hamden $126.50 $225
Madison $137.50 $245
Milford $77 $145
Monroe $104.50 $195
Naugatuck $126.50 $225
New Canaan $159.50 $255
Newtown $121 $225
New Haven $104.50 $225
North Haven $115.50 $225
Norwalk $137.50 $250
Orange $88 $165
Oxford $121 $225
Redding $132 $235
Ridgefield $148.50 $250
Rowayton $138.50 $250
Seymour $99 $195
Stratford $88 $165
Shelton $93.50 $195
Stamford $148.50 $260
Trumbull $93.5 $165
Wallingford $126.5 $225
Weston $132 $255
Westport $126.50 $240
Wilton $132 $255
Woodbridge $99 $215
West Haven $93.5 $180

Due to high fuel prices, there is a 10% fuel surcharge built into all normal delivery rates at this time.  All delivery rates are subject to change.  The fuel surcharge on deliveries will remain in effect as long as fuel costs remain high.

2002 Chevy Mason Dump Truck – This is a Rate 1 Vehicle

2001 Peterbuilt Dump Truck – This is a Rate 1 Vehicle

2002 Kenwoth Tri-axle Dump Truck – This is a Rate 2 Vehicle

Rate 1

  • Smaller, 6-Wheel Dump Trucks
  • 8 yards of Topsoil, Fill, Gravel, Sand, or Process
  • 10 yards of Compost
  • 13 Yards of Mulch

Rate 2

  • Large Tri-Axle Dump Trucks & Walking Floor Trailers
  • 20 yards of Topsoil
  • 18 yards of Fill, Gravel, Sand, or Process
  • 32 yards of Compost
  • 40 Yards of Mulch

Please Be Aware!
When scheduling a delivery there are a few important things to consider. Dump Trucks are not made to drive on lawns or off of obvious driven areas. Lawn damage almost always occurs. They need to be on level firm ground in order to dump without tipping over or sinking into a lawn. Just because a cement truck got to a location it does not mean a dump truck can get to the same spot. Always have an alternate dumping spot available. Our drivers are experienced professionals. It is their responsibility to alert you to possible dangers and hazards as well as you to alert them to obstacles, sink holes, septics and such. Be aware of tree limbs, overhead wires and roof overhangs. During wet weather a dump truck can crack the edge of a driveway. It is our drivers final decision whether or not he can dump in the desired location. Our customary policy is to dump on the driveway or just off the edge with the tires on the driveway. Any other instruction by the customer to dump elsewhere will be the customers responsibility for any damage.

Thank you,

The Grillo’s