Where To Buy Bagged Organic Compost? | The Little Compost Co

Compost is the lifeblood of all plants; from your African Violets to world record pumpkins, compost is what helps them all thrive. It is natures fertilizer, stemming from the breakdown of organic materials on the forest floor. Leaves, twigs, insects, and other organic debris accumulate and are broken down by a mix of tiny creatures, bacterias, and fungi – the … Read More

Shrub Trimming- The Basics

One of my favorite things about well-kept landscapes and gardens are healthy shrubs. I think that in many aspects, homeowners and landscapers forget about the shrubs- like they’re a plant and go, leave alone part of landscaping, which couldn’t be furthest from the truth. To make your landscape a cut above the rest, knowing how to trim your shrubs properly … Read More

How and When to Properly Fertilize Your Garden

Colorful, Landscaped, Flower Garden

Proper general fertilization isn’t really something you can describe in one setting. Fertilizing the right way depends on what you’re growing and the results you’re looking for. But there is one constant- you should do your best to do it right. Different plants have different needs. Your lawn is going to have far different needs than your vegetable beds, for … Read More

Tips for Growing Bigger Vegetables

four ripe red tomatoes on a green vine

There’s nothing better than harvesting the biggest veggies you can possibly grow. Many people find great satisfaction in producing crops that have produced to their maximum potential. Awards are given away for these accomplishments at fairs and other competitions. As a home gardener, what can you do to maximize yields and sizes of your vegetables? There are several general things … Read More

There’s More to Grilling than a Grill

Not everyone can afford, or even has the space for, the kind of kitchens you see on television. Yes, those professional chefs can turn out a ton of delicious food with their array of professional-class ovens, but what about the person with average appliances? Well, think about it; do you even want to spend all that much time in the … Read More

The Benefits of Organic Lawn Care

Great infographic provided to us by Safer® Brand. Safer® Brand proudly offers the broadest and most successful line of organic gardening, organic insecticide and organic pest control products reviewed and validated by third parties. Benefits of organic lawn service

Top 3 Reasons You Should Winterize Your Wood Deck

Follow Us For Our Latest Posts, Tips, & Exclusive Facebook Giveaways 1. Eliminate the slip-and-slide. The debris that forms on your deck throughout the year can pose a safety problem during the fall and winter. This debris can include caked-on dirt, moss, algae, mold, fungus, mildew and fallen leaves. When this layer of grime gets wet, it becomes slippery and … Read More

10 Expert Tips For A Great Lawn

As homeowners most of us have put hours and hours into lawn care with little results. Dream of a lush, green lawn? You know, one of those lawns that tickles your barefeet with softness as you walk out to get the paper. I’ll be the first to admit this isn’t the easiest endeavor. But with a consistent and patient approach, and these 10 expert tips you can get there.

How to Re-Mulch Your Garden Beds Like a Pro

Follow Us For Our Latest Posts, Tips, & Exclusive Facebook Giveaways Before re-mulching make sure your gardens have less than three inches of mulch. Mulch over three inches deep (click to read an article discussing this topic) does more harm than good and must be removed. Before re-mulching turn the old mulch to allow air, water and nutrients to reach … Read More