How to Prepare your Beds for a Landscape Planting

Follow Us For Our Latest Posts, Tips, & Exclusive Facebook Giveaways Your eyes are bloodshot from staying up late watching HGTV, you Googled “Landscape design ideas” and visited several nurseries researching plants. It’s time to put your thoughts into action. How should you prepare the beds for your new landscape planting? First, you need to look at your soil. Is … Read More

Making Your Own Compost

Home composting can be very rewarding. Besides having organic compost to use in the garden you are utilizing material that would fill local land fills.

Forget A Pool, Put In A Pond

snow surrounding a koi pond with waterfall

Everyone has a pool, they are boring. Invest in something worthwhile, and have the pond of your dreams built in your yard. I did and I think everyone should.

How To Mulch: An Idiots Guide

two men spreading mulch around shrubs

Mulching is fairly simple. All that is required are a few tools and a willing participant. This article will simplify your mulch experience, saving time/money.