Making Your Own Compost

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Compost is a highly organic material created when organic compounds decompose. If you have ever looked under leaves in the woods you have seen compost. At Grillo Services we make compost on a massive scale. Leaves,grass, and brush are brought to us by municipalities as well as landscape companies. On a smaller scale leaves and grass are generated in the average homeowner yard, and can be used as two main ingredients in your homemade compost.

Making Your Own Compost

First select an area in your yard away from your home where you can envision a compost pile. Make sure the area is not too confined because as your pile grows you do not want to encroach on other areas.

Once you have a spot in mind you may want to build a compost bin to hold the material. These can be made out of plywood or chicken wire, and should have a gate or open side. A compost bin is not necessity just an option.

Compost Forming For Use In The Garden

Materials To Compost

  • Grass (Be sure not to use harsh chemicals on your lawn if you will be growing consumables)
  • Leaves
  • Food waste: Fruit, Vegetables, Eggs
  • Garden debris: Plant matter, Weeds
Composting is quite easy. As you generate these organic wastes make a habit of putting them in your compost pile. Your compost pile will shrink as composting occurs so don’t be afraid to add to it. Once a month use a pitch fork to move the pile around which will provide oxygen for the aerobic bacteria.

Benefits Of Compost

Compost is a true organic fertilizer. When used in the garden it has amazing results. Our customers grow their vegetables directly in our compost and are often amazed out how well they grow. The abundance of nutrients and minerals in the compost makes the difference.

Compost can also be used to add organic content to soil. When you till compost into soil it enriches it with all the nutrients of compost, and can turn almost any soil into a fertile growing medium.

Organic Leaf Compost

Your final product should look just like ours does. Dark, rich, and extremely organic. Finished compost contains no visible leaves or grass, all the material should be totally decomposed. If that is not the case leave it in the pile, both time and patience are required for great compost.

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