We carry Alliance’s two types of polymeric sand. “Super Sand” is designed for tight joints, up to 1″. “Gator Dust” is designed for joints up to 4″. These products have quickly become an industry standard, and are the most trusted name in Polymeric Sands. In the past we used Joint Lock sands produced by Quikrete. Once we realized the superiority of the Alliance products they became the sole polymeric sand that we stock. For technical information on this product you can visit their website: Alliancegator.com.

$34 Per 50 Pound Bag

Alliance Polymeric Sand Helps:
Prevent weed sprouting.
Prevent damages caused by insects.
Prevent erosion due to climatic conditions, such as wind, rain and freezing.

Oly-Ola Paver Restraints

When it comes to securing your patio there is no better way to do so than with Oly Ola paver restraints. They are the most used paver edging in the industry, and their versatility is unmatched. Oly Ola produces products in both flexible and rigid and we stock both. These products come in 7.5′ and 15′ lengths, and the price includes paver spikes to secure the edging.

You can visit the Oly Ola website for more information and technical specs on this product: www.olyola.com.