We carry seasoned and split firewood all year round. Our hand-split firewood is a variety of hardwoods that is great for outdoor fireplaces. If you have your own truck firewood can be picked up by the cord, or even in small increments ($60 per one cubic yard bucket). We also let individuals come load their own vehicles for a fee, as some have very small stoves and prefer to pick their own pieces. If you would like to have firewood delivered, we deliver throughout Fairfield & New Haven counties, although a delivery fee is added. Firewood delivery fees work the same way our normal deliveries do, and prices can be found on the delivery page of our website.

When ordering firewood from us, or anyone else make sure you ask if you are receiving a full, or true cord (4’x4’x8′). Some companies sell “face cords” at a cheaper rate, and may refer to them as a “cord.” The problem is a “face cord” is only half an actual cord, and this deceptive tactic is occasionally used on unsuspecting customers.

Firewood Cords are $300.00 each (delivery extra, 5 cubic yards per cord)

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