Bulk Products


Soils: Topsoil, Compost, Garden Mix, Screened Fill

Mulches: Colored Mulches (Walnut, Brown, Black, Red), Aged Triple Ground, Eco Mulch

Fairfield & New Haven County Only

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Bulk Mulch Products

Hemlock Mulch

$53 per yard

Hemlock Mulch is 100% pure Hemlock Tree Bark Mulch. It has a dark brown appearance and small pieces of nuggets are visible. A unique and beautiful looking mulch. Hemlock is one of our highest quality mulches.

Premium Mulch

$43 per yard

This mulch is 100% finely ground and aged Pine Bark. It has a rich dark brown color and a scent of pine. Pine Bark Mulch is one of the most popular mulches sold at our Milford, CT location.

Cedar Mulch

$56 per yard

This mulch product is 100% finely shredded Cedar Bark. A very definite scent of Cedar is present with this mulch. Gold cedar mulch is shipped to us directly from Canada, and is one of the highest quality pure cedar mulches available in CT.

Colored Mulches

$34 per yard

Our colored mulches are some of the nicest mulches available. We use only premium colorant which is why our mulch looks better, and lasts longer than much of the competition.

Dark Brown

$34 per yard

Our Dark Walnut Mulch is a few shades darker than the regular Colored Brown we produce, and has been a huge hit since it’s launch last spring. If you like dark mulch this is the product we recommend.

Triple Ground

$28 per yard

This mulch consists of an aged woodchip, triple ground to a fine consistency. It is easy to spread, and a rich brown color which turns to a lighter brown after it dries out.

Sweet Peet

$56 per yard

Sweet Peet® is the premium mulch for flower and vegetable gardens. Sweet Peet® buffers both acid and alkaline (low and High pH) soils by helping to maintain the desired gardening Sweet Spot.

Eco Mulch

$24 per yard

It is 100% natural mulch and is a cost effective alternative to other mulches. Eco Mulch is often used for large areas or property lines where a premium quality mulch is not needed.

Red Cedar Mulch

$59 per yard

This mulch product is 100% finely shredded Cedar Bark. A very definite scent of Cedar is present with this mulch. Red cedar mulch is shipped to us directly from Canada.

Bulk Soil Products

Screened Topsoil

$34 per yard

Our topsoil is an exclusive blend of native farm loam and our own high quality 100 % leaf compost. This blended product has been developed to combine the fertility enhancing benefits of compost, with the workability of loam. Grillo topsoil is dark and rich in color, and has been screened to a 1/2″ particle size or less.

Ballfield Clay

$65 per yard

Ball Field Clay is primarily used for baseball infields. Other uses have been racetracks, pond underlayment, and pathways.

Uses: Baseball infields, Race tracks


$34 per yard

Compost is widely recognized as an extremely valuable and versatile soil additive. Our compost is derived from 100% decomposed leaves and is 100% natural. It contains no sewage sludge, or any other municipal waste, and is safe for use to use for growing consumables.

CU Soil

$100 per yard

‘Structural soil’ is an engineered planting medium which can meet or exceed pavement design and installation requirements while remaining root penetrable and supportive of tree growth.

Bio Retention

$95 per ton

Soils are engineered and appropriate plants selected for the rain garden. The garden is a small bioretention cell in which stormwater is cleaned and reduced in volume once it enters the rain garden.

Rain Garden Soil

$45 per yard

Rain gardens are designed to be drained within four hours after a 1” rain event. This is achieved through the use of highly porous planting media and underdrains which carry the cleaned rainwater away from the garden.

Bulk Sands & Aggregates

Mason Sand

$50 per yard

Mason sand is a fine sand used to mix with cement. Other uses are for children’s sandboxes as it is soft and contains no rock. Silt content is higher than that of Concrete Sand.

Uses: Beneath paving-stones, Playground sand boxes, Cement mixing, Horse shoe pits

Concrete Sand

$50 per yard

Concrete sand is a coarse granular sand. It drains well and has a very low silt content.

Uses: Beneath paving-stones, Cement mixing

Pool Sand

$50 per yard

Pool sand is a “dead sand” which is used as underlayment for above ground pool liners. This sand is high in silt and creates a smooth, rock free surface to lay your liner.

Uses: Beneath pool liners, Beneath pond liners


$50 per yard

Stonedust is primarily used as a leveling agent on top of compacted process. A thin layer is applied and leveled and pavers are laid directly on top of the stonedust.

Uses: Beneath paving-stones, Soil amendment

Process 3/4″

$50 per yard

Process is used under asphalt driveways, walkways and patios. Process is a mix of 3/4 stone and stone dust. This material is known for it’s compaction, and provides and extremely firm base.

Uses:Driveways, Paver or driveway base, Beneath wall stones, Remember to compact this product

Stone 3/4″

$50 per yard

This is an angular grey gravel commonly found on driveways. Our 3/4 stone is DOT approved and is required in many project specs.

Uses: Under sheds, Driveways, Drainage Ditches, Backfilling walls

Bulk Decorative Stones

1-2″ River Jack

$130 per yard

2-3″ River Jack

$130 per yard

3-5″ River Jack

$130 per yard

Gold Beach 3/8″

$130 per yard

Red Stone 3/4″

$130 per yard

Gold Beach 3/4″

$130 per yard

Pea Stone 3/8″

$65 per yard

White Stone 3/4″

$130 per yard

Native 3/4″

$78 per yard