Where To Buy Bagged Organic Compost? | The Little Compost Co

Compost is the lifeblood of all plants; from your African Violets to world record pumpkins, compost is what helps them all thrive. It is natures fertilizer, stemming from the breakdown of organic materials on the forest floor. Leaves, twigs, insects, and other organic debris accumulate and are broken down by a mix of tiny creatures, bacterias, and fungi - the end product is beautiful nutrient rich compost. At Grillo Services we produce compost on a massive scale and in turn sell in bulk, typically by the truck load. Our friends at The Little Compost Company do what we do, but on a tiny scale. The compost they produce is done in small batches and bagged by hand. Whereas a homeowner in New England might need a truck load for their garden, an apartment dweller in the city may need only few handfuls for their Peace Lily's. The Little Compost Co produces bags as small as one pint! If you only need a little, and want small batch, hand bagged organic compost, look no further. By working on such a small scale they are able to work on immense quality of their compost. When bagging, even a twig that made it's way through the process will often be taken out, leaving just the beautiful screened compost ready to help your plants thrive.  

  • Why Compost

    Compost is an all natural organic fertilizer. Rich in nutrients it will help your plants thrive without chemical additives.

  • Bulk Or By The Bag?

    If you need compost for your house plants or in small areas of the garden, bags often make more sense. If you have an outdoor garden and are starting from scratch, or replenishing the soil in your yard, bulk is more cost effective.

  • Why Little Compost Co?

    If you are looking for bagged compost you probably want quality over quantity. The Little Compost Co focuses on just that with their 100% organic, small batch, hand bagged product. Unlike large companies, they bag to order. This keeps the living organisms in the compost happy and healthy, which in turn will make your plants that way too!