How to Re-Mulch Your Garden Beds Like a Pro

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Before re-mulching make sure your gardens have less than three inches of mulch. Mulch over three inches deep (click to read an article discussing this topic) does more harm than good and must be removed.

Before re-mulching turn the old mulch to allow air, water and nutrients to reach plant roots.
Use a pitchfork, metal rake or garden weasel ( to turn matted mulch.

A light topdressing of mulch is all that’s needed when re-mulching; about an inch deep. Never apply mulch over three inches deep.

Three additional re-mulching tips are:

• Leave three to six inches between trees and shrubs and mulch.
• Avoid covering perennials.
• At the edge of your garden mulch to the same level as your lawn.

I am a BIG FAN of bark mulches (click for bark mulches).

I recommend a peet product (click for Agra Peet) if your gardens have a lot of perennials.

Please tell us your favorite type of mulch and why below.

Happy gardening!

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