Note To Self: Bagged Mulch Is Overpriced

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As I was perusing the new Trumbull Home Depot I came across the lawn and garden area. Now my family has a bulk mulch and topsoil company, so believe it or not I have never had to buy bagged products. Besides the fact that I have never bought them, I never really looked into them. I had a thorough understanding that ordering in bulk was cheaper, only because it had been ingrained in me since day one.

What I found was that Home Depot sells mulch in 2 cubic foot bags. We sell mulch by the cubic yard. A cubic yard is 27 cubic feet. So by multiplying the bag price by 13.5 we will get the cubic yard price. Below are some of the comparisons:

Scotts 2 cu. ft. Nature Scapes Advance Brown Mulch $4.97 Each

What does that cost by the yard? A cool $67.10. Compare that to our Brown Mulch which is $26.00 per cubic yard. The Home Depot bagged mulch is $41.10 MORE EXPENSIVE per cubic yard.

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You may think OK Grillo that’s nice and all but you may have taken that out of context, how about another comparison? Here it is:

Great Gardens 2 cu. ft. Red Colored Mulch $3.68 Each

This is $49.68 per cubic yard, or $23.68 more than our Red Mulch.

Home Depot Website to verify that I’m not exaggerating.

The one thing that can be said is that they don’t charge a delivery fee. But you still have to drive there and deal with the hassle of loading and unloading all the bags.

Also we have a skid steer loader that loads small pickup trucks and trailers all day long.

If you don’t have a truck yes we do deliver, and you still will usually pay less when ordering over 2 cubic yards.

To sum this up I am not saying that bagged mulch does not have a purpose. It is useful when dealing with tiny areas, such as around a tree, or in a small planting bed. My point is that it is more expensive. People can say what they want but we looked at them side by side, and you definitely save when you buy in bulk.

Take a look at our per yard prices:


Compare these to the cost per bag and you can be a better informed consumer, saving money along the way.

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