Gardening And The Importance Of Quality Garden Soil

It’s that time of the year again, the time of year where we spend more time outside than inside! Thank God because between the winter we had and this week of incessant rain I need to get outside ASAP! There are many things to do outside but few are as enjoyable and rewarding as gardening.

Whether you have an existing garden or are creating one you really want to look at a woman’s site that I stumbled across while “googling.” Her name is Joene  and she has 30 years of gardening expertise behind her posts. Here is her site It is loaded with all types of information, and I have found that when gardening there are many little issues you may (more like will) have.

At Grillo Services we help with the main problem, getting the garden soil! If you have a garden currently you know how absolutely, fundamentally, unarguably important the soil is. It is the life blood of your garden. It is almost, kinda sorta as important as sunlight…in my opinion. Plants know what they like: rich, dark, organic soil. (Well most unless you are creating a cactus garden, attention cactus gardeners you want a sandy organic-less…sand.) Anyway us regular gardeners growing vegetables, flowers, and other miscellaneous plants realize that we are growing a living, breathing organism. We as people cannot be healthy if we live on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, (my 10 year old self found out the hard way) our plants need nutrients just like we do.

So what I’m getting at is that all soil wasn’t created equally. There are companies out there that make an attempt at selling an “organic” product. Maybe it looks dark and the price is right but 9 out of 10 times there is a reason why someone is selling something cheap, low quality (Also potentially chemical laden).

Our Topsoil info page:

Everything in our material, we put there. We start with native topsoil that we buy from developers and construction companies when they clear virgin land. We combine that with our own organic leaf compost. Our leaf compost is dark, rich, and has an organic level of about 30% which is great! (google it I wouldn’t lie to you 🙂 We mix in about 30% compost to our topsoil and it has approximately 11.5% organics. That is within the ideal range of 10-12% organics, with most soils falling below 5%.

Our “Garden Mix” is what we get when we mix topsoil and compost together. This “50/50” mix is ideal for just about every type of plant. With an organic content of around 20% it has the perfect amount of organics for most flowers and vegetable plants. It costs the same as regular topsoil or compost, because that’s what it is ($29 per yard).

Our Topsoil and Compost can be found here:

One of our largest consumers of this product is the New Haven Land Trust- The New Haven Land Trust is a non profit that overseas at least 50 separate gardens, no easy task! We deal with Chris Randall, a younger gentleman who has a love for gardening and the outdoors alike. They solely use this product and I cannot wait to show you some of the pictures he is going to send me later in the year. They plant anything and everything in their community gardens so I am guaranteed to be surprised by what they have grown.

Our “Garden Mix” is a custom mix that we have developed for our gardeners and I am so glad we did. I want to donate some to Joene so she can show and describe her results to us via her blog. I’m not sure if she works around here but I know she manages gardens for people that enjoy them while lacking time or a green thumb, or both. Her website for her business is I can’t promise that she works in either Fairfield or New Haven Counties since she is located near the Connecticut River Valley, even so we can still enjoy her gardening tips and ideas through her blog.

At Grillo Services we produce and deliver bulk organic compost by the truck load. Those of you that only need a small amount of compost can look to The Little Compost Company; they produce and bag 100% organic compost in quantities from one to fifty pounds. Shipping is done all over the country. Be sure to check them out if you want quality compost, and need just a little bit.

Happy Gardening!

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