As a landscape supply company most of our business occurs from spring to fall. When winter arrives we change gears. Our topsoil bin is emptied and it is filled with sand & salt. Rock salt and Magic salt are trucked in to fill other bins. Our screening plant is brought from the yard to the sand pit to begin screening winter sand that we sell to municipalities. Depending on the severity of winter weather this season can be as busy, or busier than others.

Bulk Rock Salt $170.00 Per Cubic Yard
Magic Melt Salt $195.00 Per Cubic yard

Benefits Of Our Magic Melt Salt

  • Melts up to -35 degrees below zero
  • Can be used to pre-treat walkways and surfaces to melt falling snow
  • Is less corrosive than untreated rock salt. Much safer for concrete.
  • Eliminates the mess of traditional sand & salt mix


Sand & Salt Mix $95 per cubic yard

Benefits Of Our Sand & Salt Mix

  • Provides traction on slippery surfaces
  • Sand absorbs heat from the sun and continues melting ice
  • Works well from truck mounted spreaders

If you want to learn how to save money by using our bulk products we have a blog post that addresses this, “Winter Products: Sand/Salt, Rock Salt, Magic Salt Ct.” This post is filled with helpful information regarding our winter products.

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