Wood & Brush Waste Dumpsters – Recycled Organically

With severe hurricanes each of the past two seasons I think most Connecticut residents are used to dealing with fallen branches and downed trees. What you have probably noticed is that it can be difficult to dispose of this wood waste. Most garbage companies don’t take it, the town won’t on garbage night, so what do you do?

Often times people will contact local carting companies for a dumpster to dispose of the material. This is a convenient solution. A dumpster is placed at the site of the material, usually your yard or driveway. You load the debris into the container and it is hauled away.

We are one of few companies that offers this service with the added benefit of recycling the wood waste. Besides allowing us to offer a more competitive rate on the dumpsters, you can also feel good knowing we personally recycle this material. It never ends up in a land fill, it is also never incinerated (large cause of air pollution).

Solid wood or log waste is ground and turned into mulch. Brush waste is ground and composted. Sustainable solutions for a constantly generated waste product.

Rates are simple for clean wood waste (no demo or garbage, rates for all of Fairfield and New Haven Counties): 20yd can $350, 30yd can $450, 40yd can $550