Rough Sawn Lumber For Sale

What is Rough Sawn Lumber?

Rough Sawn Lumber is an affordable alternative where finished wood is not needed. It is sold right off the blade, untreated, unfinished, and can be bought green, air dried, or kiln dried. It has a variety of uses in both construction and decorative projects. In many applications it is as good or better than standard store bought lumber at a fraction of the cost.

Rough Sawn Lumber Benefits and Features

  • Cost-effective: Less expensive than planed or finished lumber, making it a great choice for budget-conscious projects.
  • Natural look: The rough, textured surface gives it a natural, rustic appearance that can add character to a project.
  • Structural strength: is often used in framing and structural applications because it has not been weakened by the planing process.
  • Durability: Because it is thicker than finished lumber, it is also more durable and resistant to wear and tear.
  • Customization: It can be shaped and sanded to meet specific project needs, allowing for greater customization.

Rough Sawn Lumber Uses & Applications

  • Building: It is often used in construction for framing, decking, and fencing. Pine or Poplar is an affordable option for 2×4’s, custom sized fence boards, or deck boards.
  • Trailer Decking: Red Oak boards make ideal trailer decking. At 2″ thick it is strong enough to handle most heavy machinery, vehicles, and bulk material.
  • Furniture: The natural, rustic look of rough sawn lumber makes it a popular choice for furniture, particularly for pieces with a country or farmhouse-style aesthetic.
  • Decorative accents: Rough sawn lumber can be used to create unique decorative accents such as wall paneling, shelving, and mantels.
  • Landscaping: Rough sawn lumber can be used for landscaping projects such as raised garden beds or retaining walls. If you are interested in building raised garden beds yourself, you can learn how here. We have the cedar, cypress, black locust, and oak all well suited for garden beds with their natural rot and decay resistance.
  • Grillo’s Got It!

    Grillo Services has a Woodmizer LT-70 Extra Wide, it can saw up to 22′ long and 36″ wide. We have a large stock of various log species available that can be cut to serve any purpose you need. We offer large volume discounts over 150 BF of material. Also, if you have your own lumber you want milled we will do that too at our hourly rate of $175/hr (1 hr. min.). Whether you want to build your own raised garden bed, add a decorative mantel to your home, need trailer decking or general purpose lumber at an affordable price, we got you covered. For pricing inquiries and orders please call our office at, 203-877-5070.

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