Roof Cleaning | Why Soft Washing Is Better Than Pressure Washing

A Better Way To Clean Your Roof

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When you think of the roof of your home you probably think of the durable shingles that protect you from the elements. Indeed they are made to withstand beating sun, driving rains, and in the northeast both snow and ice. Due to their toughness many homeowners think the best way for cleaning your roof is by spraying the roof with high pressure water, also known as pressure washing. Yes, this will certainly clean the roof, but it has it's disadvantages. The high pressure water blasts off aggregates and damages the shingles and can greatly shorten the life of the roof. With that being said there is now another option when you need to clean your roof - Soft Washing.
  • What Is Soft Washing?

    Soft Washing a roof involves lightly spraying the surface with an eco friendly cleaning agent, and then rinsing it off along with the debris. Watch the moss, lichens, and molds wash right off!

  • Why choose soft washing over pressure washing?

    Soft washing avoids the damaging effects of pressure washing. Water is lightly sprayed on the surface mitigating abrasion and extending the life of the roof.

  • Are the chemicals used in soft washing safe?

    Soft washing uses eco friendly chemicals to clean your roof, but they are designed to kill organic growth. Due to this we put containment systems on your gutter downspouts to prevent lawn or plant damage.

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