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Certified Playground Mulch

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Our Playground-Mulch meets or exceeds US consumer products safety commission guidelines and is tested and IPEMA certified to ASTM F1292-99 and ASTM F2075-01A Section 4.6. This means all your bases are covered legally, and our product can be used on any residential or municipal playground. If you need documentation on this product just ask us, we have it on hand.

Our Ct produced ¬†Playground-Mulch is all natural specially ground wood. This mulch is free of bark, sticks, leaves, or any other contaminants. When applied at the recommended depth of 12″ it provides a cushion on the playground floor, reducing the injury risk. Unlike Rubber-Mulch it contains no heavy metals or other chemicals that can be harmful to people.

Why Use Playground Mulch Instead of Rubber Mulch For Your Ct Playground?
  • Safety. The natural wood does not contain any chemicals or metals that can be harmful to children.
  • Safety. Rubber-Mulch can allow heavy metals to leach into local groundwater, putting people and animals at risk.
  • Safety. Rubber-Mulch can give off noxious gases when heated by the sun. These gases can cause pulmonary problems in humans. I met a man from Ct whose wife and young daughter developed immune system problems linked to Rubber-Mulch. The mulch was outside their home and the gases wafted in during the day and night through open windows.

Rubber-Mulch is not the miracle product it seems to be. Imagine you are a tire company and have to pay to dispose of millions of tons of rubber on a consistent basis. This would get expensive correct?Well imagine being able to market this waste product as something usable, something that can make a profit. You would go from spending money to dispose of it to the other extreme, making money selling it.

The sad truth is Rubber-Mulch is dangerous. There is sufficient evidence proving so. The profits for Rubber-Mulch are huge, much more than the $7.00 per yard profit margin we have on our Playground-Mulch.

It would be easy to look past the negatives and carry this product, but I don’t buy that it truly is safe. I will not put the Grillo name behind it, and risk even one child developing a health problem from this product.

Educate yourself with this article by a non-profit group.

“Rubber Mulch” A Danger for Gardens and perhaps even People”

You can also see a previous blog post that we had earlier in the year addressing this issue.

“Rubber Mulch: The Dangers Of This Seemingly Innocent Product”

Certified Playground Mulch

Why take a chance when it comes to the health of your child? We know that natural wood Playground-Mulch is safe. The same just cannot be said for Rubber-Mulch.

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