Mason, Concrete, and Pool Sand In CT

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Different tasks call for different materials. When it comes to bulk sand there are different types to consider. There are gritty sands, silty sands, and a mix of both. It is important to use the right sand for the job. Below I have high-def pictures of our sands and explain their individual uses.

Gritty Concrete Sand, Grillo Services CT

Our Concrete-Sand is a fine, coarse, sand. This sand is used in many masonry applications. It is also the sand we use for mixing sand-salt.


  • Cement Mixing
  • Under pavers/bluestone
  •  Mixing with topsoil or compost to aid with drainage
  • Beach remediation

Masonry Sand Ct, Grillo Services

Our Mason-sand is silty, with some grit. This sand is used in much of the same ways as our concrete sand.


  • Playground sand, or sand boxes. This sand is soft and rock free, making it safe for children.
  • Under pavers/bluestone
  • Cement mixing
  • Mixing with topsoil or compost to aid with drainage


Pool Sand CT, Grillo Services

Pool-sand is pretty self explanatory. This is the sand you need if you are going to be constructing an above ground pool. Pool-sand is very silty, and is sometimes referred to as “dead-sand.” Pool-sand is free of all rocks, making a safe bottom for your delicate liner.


  • Beneath pool/pond liners
Grillo Services Is The First Choice For Mason, Concrete, & Pool Sand In CT.

Not only do we sell these products but we also deliver them all over CT. Custom mixes are available. We do not charge to mix the products. All of our sands are sold by the cubic yard, in half yard increments. We are a full scale landscape supply company specializing in Topsoil, Compost, Bark and Wood MulchesDecorative Gravels, and Dumpster Rental. We are also a State of Ct DEEP permitted organic recycling facility. Our 20 acre site is located in Milford, CT.

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