Hydrangeas Make a Home!


Don’t you love flowers with a long life? Hydrangeas are beautiful from the time they’ve bloomed, and if preserved correctly, last long after they’ve dried. The soft faded colors of dried hydrangea can create a peaceful country feel in your home for years to come. The beauty that exists in our landscape brings inspiration and serenity so why not carry the beautiful color and texture of Hydrangea flowers into our home? Create a soft clustered bouquet in a vase or basket, stick one in a mason jar or add them to a decorative wreath. Whether they are brightening up your casual kitchen or adding an elegant feel to your living room mantle, Hydrangeas are always right at home.

It is quite simple to preserve hydrangea flowers with a few easy steps:

  1. Go out in your garden (or ask your nice neighbor who has an abundance of them growing) and clip a few of the stems that have fully bloomed flowers on them.
  2. Strip the leaves off the stem and bring them inside.
  3. Put them in water in a vase or jar (place shorter ones around the outer edge and taller ones in the center).
  4. Let the stems slowly suck up the water (if they still slurp a little water as they dry they will retain their shape and color, possibly for years).
  5. When the water is gone, chances are the flowers are ready and dry (if they aren’t dry, add a little more water until they are).
  6. Place them throughout your home and enjoy their simple beauty!

Do you have a beautiful hydrangea display in your home?