Buying Organic Topsoil In CT

Buying Topsoil In CT?

Grillo Services has been creating organic topsoil since 1993. We are the pioneers of combining high quality farm loam with our own organic leaf compost to create our topsoil. The result is a very organic topsoil with an organic content of  10-13%. People had never seen anything like it. Sales of our soil quickly took off as word spread of it’s quality.

Quality topsoil must be filled with living organisms. Considering topsoil as alive might seem strange to some. At Grillo Services our topsoil is filled with life. Protozoa, roundworms, fungi, yeasts, and basic bacteria are all working in unison within our soil. Bacteria and fungi act as decomposers as they break down the organic material within the soil. This material is in turn consumed by earthworms and other insects and further broken down.

Soil Layer Diagram

Benefits Of Organic Topsoil

  • High levels of organic matter act as fertilizer for plants without the need for chemicals
  • Organic topsoil holds moisture and provides needed water retention, and does not hold too much water like clay
  • Organics in the soil help to regulate chemical levels in the soil
  • Organic topsoil has excellent tilth which is ideal for growing
  • Organic topsoil is lighter than regular soil and allows better aeration
Remember to always look at a product before you purchase it. A sample assures that you know what you are buying before it is delivered. Our topsoil is second to none. It is not always the cheapest but we put our names behind it for a reason. Our topsoil is used from the smallest homeowner lawn, to highway expansions such as the Merritt Parkway expansion. We produce and sell more topsoil than anyone else in CT.

At Grillo Services we produce and deliver bulk organic compost by the truck load. Those of you that only need a small amount of compost can look to The Little Compost Company; they produce and bag 100% organic compost in quantities from one to fifty pounds. Shipping is done all over the country. Be sure to check them out if you want quality compost, and need just a little bit.

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