Rubber Mulch: The Dangers Of This Seemingly Innocent Product

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Rubber Mulch is more of a danger than you may think. Educate yourself on this topic and prevent any potential health issues. – Read this

Four years ago a man came into our business and asked me if he could dispose of rubber mulch. Besides selling landscape supplies we are a state of CT DEEP Permitted organic recycling facility. Rubber mulch, being synthetic, is not something we can take. As I start explaining where he can possibly take it, he asks what I have for playground mulch that is all natural and safe.

At that time I had never heard anything negative about rubber mulch, it was a product that we could potentially carry as it was gaining popularity. So I ask this man why he wanted to get rid of perfectly good rubber mulch.

What he told me made me mad. Not just a little angry. I became furious once I heard his story. A landscaper recommended rubber mulch and all the benefits above and he thought it sounded great and told him to install it on his new backyard play area. It looked fine, stayed clean, it was everything it was supposed to be.

SO months go by and everything is fine. What he did notice though was that both his wife and young daughter were getting sick constantly. They were in and out of the doctors, up to specialists at Yale New Haven, yet no one could tell him why they were getting so sick. After months of this the culprit was found, RUBBER MULCH. Actually sick is not the word. The wife and daughter BOTH developed lifelong immune system deficiencies similar to effects associated with the AIDS virus. LIFE LONG! If that does not make you want to punch someone in the face who sells this crap I don’t know what will!

This is what happened. As the sun would heat the rubber it would be broken down by the the UV rays. Noxious chemicals were being given off and like many chemical fumes, they didn’t have an odor. When they would sleep these chemicals would come into their house through open windows and would be inhaled constantly.

Read this study done by a non-profit. I want people to be as informed as possible. The reason for this rubber-mulch is an easy one. People are paid to develop viable, marketable uses for rubber. Think about it there are hundreds of millions of used tires a year that fill land fills. They are expensive to dispose of and produced constantly. If you could in turn make them into a profitable product that instantly creates tens of millions in profits, potentially more.

I went to the first site I found on google and this is what it says:
Here are just some of the benefits and uses for rubber mulch. How much do you need? Click here to calculate.

100% recyclable material
Environmentally friendly
Play areas*
Cost effective Swing sets*
Save annual mulching costs
Riding arenas
5x heavier than conventional mulch
Landscaping commercial/residential
Rich colors
Walking paths
Retains ground moisture Parks
Looks like shredded wood mulch Golf courses
Minimizes dust
No odor Potted plants
Around trees
Resists fading and compaction
Replace decorative rocks indoor/outdoor
Won’t attract termites/insects
Does not float – Read This

I want everyone to know the potential risk of this product. I’m sure someday there will be a huge class action suit stemming from this, until then I want everyone to be as educated as possible on the subject. It is horrible to think people will adversely effect the health of others to make money on a product like this.

If you are a person looking for mulch for a playground or currently have rubber mulch this is the type of mulch we recommend:

Certified Playground Mulch

Playground Mulch

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