Brown, Black, & Red Mulch In CT

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At Grillo Services we produce three colors of dyed mulch: Brown, Red, and Black Mulch. With these options you are able to give your home or business the look that suits it. Colored mulch has come a long way since it’s debut in the industry. Our colored mulches are made with water based colorant and are totally safe. There is no need to worry with this product around pets, plants, or children.

We produce this mulch at our Milford, CT facility. It is derived from double ground logs, and dyed on the second grind. This double grind process makes the mulch very fine enabling easy spreading, and a uniform look.

Grillo Brown, Black, and Red Colored Mulch Is Used By Homeowners & Contractors Throughout CT, Our Best Selling Mulch

We produce thousands of cubic yards of colored mulch per year and supply other landscape supply companies with mulch. This is why we are able to offer the lowest prices on colored mulch anywhere. Besides the low price, our colored mulch is of the highest quality available.

At $30.00 per cubic yard colored mulch is affordable for everyone.

Remember also that our bulk colored mulch is about 1/3 the price of bagged mulch. This is explained in one of our prior posts.

Note To Self: Bagged Mulch Is Overpriced.”

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