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If you look forward to growing a garden each year you know that what you put into it is a large part of what you take from it. Poor quality garden soil will be a detriment to your garden, and your efforts. Without enough organic material in the soil you are setting yourself up for a let down.

So with that in mind we have created a blend known to many as “Garden Mix.” This blend is half topsoil and half compost, screened of course. The sales for this have increased exponentially since we introduced it a few years ago.

Benefits of Grillo Garden Mix:

  • Highly organic material with an organic content of approximately 18% (most topsoil is 2-5%)
  • pH is a neutral 6.8
  • High compost content retains moisture, keeping plants hydrated
  • Perfectly suited for vegetable and plant growth, not ideal for grass
  • Compost is 100% organic, derived from leaf waste, composted in Milford, CT
  • Garden Soil is loaded with micro and macro nutrients

If you are looking for CT’s premier garden soil look no further. Customers across the state have produced huge yields, and beautiful blooms with this material. If would like to see the material in person you can do so at any time during our normal business hours. Ordering soil for your garden is a big decision. It is always better to be cautious and do so than take it for granted and end up with something you are not happy with. Remember you can pick it up or have it delivered.

So to gardeners everywhere, happy Spring! We are off to a quick start this year with summer like temperatures and it’s not even April yet. Life is good!


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Follow Us For Our Latest Posts, Tips, & Exclusive Facebook Giveaways